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Member Lifting Tunisia

When we get older, we only have one dream to return to our youthful form. If it is not possible to rejuvenate quickly despite everything the products put on the market, it is however possible to firm up certain parts of your body by doing a member lifting in Tunisia. Zoom on this surgical intervention that will allow you to recover your skin of yesteryear.


Why it is necessary to do a Member lifting

With time, the skin ages, this effect of time on us has the purpose of making it lose its elasticity. To complicate things even more, folds can appear and give the impression that the skin is no longer toned. To erase all these signs of time and restore your self-confidence, a facelift will act on unsightly areas.

With an arm lifting in Tunisia, for example, you can regain the pleasure of unveiling your arms without feeling embarrassed. Similarly, with a thigh lifting in Tunisia, wearing dresses and skirts will become a pleasure again.


When to do a member lifting

While it is true that a limb lift is more recommended when you are over 40, it can happen because of the peculiarities of your body that you may need to resort to this surgery earlier, for example, after a significant weight loss. Before performing a member lifting in Tunisia, it is imperative to go through a consultation. During the latter, the surgeon will ask you the reasons for your request and the expectations you have.

Once you have provided him with these answers, you will have information about the operation once the surgeon has decided to intervene.


The different types of member liftings

Thigh lifting

The purpose of this operation is to remove excess skin while putting the skin back under tension. It can also follow a lipoaspiration to remove fat from under the skin. Two techniques can be used to perform a thigh lifting in Tunisia.

— The concentric lifting mainly targets the top of the thigh.
— The vertical lifting, which affects the entire thigh, takes 1,5 hour for a visible result after one year. The scars are not very visible.

Arm lifting

This operation under general anesthesia, also called brachioplasty, aims to tighten the skin of the arms. This operation can affect the inner and posterior side of the arm. The purpose of this work is to reduce the ptosis effect which is synonymous with arm fall. Depending on the case, the operation can take 1 hour 30 to 2 hours, and end with a 24 to 72 hours hospitalization. The arm lifting in Tunisia leaves a scar in the armpit on the inner side of the arm.

For all interventions, we offer a quote for member lifting in Tunisia before any commitment. With it, you will have an idea of the prices we offer. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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