Facial surgery Tunisia – Genioplasty

Genioplasty Tunisia

In Tunisia, it is possible to reshape your chin. Thanks to genioplasty, which is a surgical procedure performed by our chin surgeons here in Tunisia, you will be able to give the shape you want to your chin.

What is a genioplastia ?

A genioplasty is a surgical operation that consists of restoring a chin to a harmonious shape. In fact, there are two different types of chins:

  • The receding chins that are often accompanied by a bump on the nose. This is called a bird profile in the language courant ;
  • Protruding chins, which are characterized by a protrusion of the tassel or mandibular bone.

However, cosmetic surgery of the chin in Tunisia is not recommended for people who suffer from double chin, i.e. an excess of fat on the chin. So, how is the consultation ?
During the consultation, our surgeons will ask you questions such as: the shape of the chin you wish to have, if you have a history of illness that will complicate the blood procedure and many others. After the consultation, the surgeons will give you an estimate.

Surgical check-up

During this check-up, our genioplasty surgeons in Tunisia make sure that you have no history of disease that could complicate the healing process. If you smoke or drink alcohol, they will recommend that you stop smoking or drinking for one month before and after the procedure. 6 hours before the procedure, you will be put on a diet. That is to say no food or water before the operation. Finally, they will recommend that you do not take any aspirin during the 10 days before the operation.

During surgery

During your chin surgery in Tunisia, various techniques are used depending on the shape you want to give to your chin.
For a receding chin, surgeons use profiled implants for the chin contour. To place the implant, surgeons make an incision in the mouth or under the chin.
For a protruding chin, surgeons perform a resection of the bone protrusion from an incision made under the chin or inside the mouth.

This surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia. It should be noted that general anesthesia is used when other surgical procedures need to be performed such as rhinoplasty. This is called Profiloplasty.

During the first few days after surgery, you will experience some minor pain due to swellings that have formed or bruises. You will be able to enjoy your new chin when the swelling disappears, i.e. 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery. You will also feel some discomfort when eating, but this will not prevent you from chewing your food well.

But for more caution, after cosmetic surgery of the chin Tunisia, surgeons recommend consuming liquid foods or foods that do not require chewing. However, you will be perfectly able to resume your activities. You will just have to avoid having a shock to the chin for at least 7 months.

The price of our genioplasties

The price of our genioplasty in Tunisia varies according to the desired result. The price is also given according to the type of chin surgery to be performed in Tunisia. Thus, the prices for a chin surgery vary between 2500 and 6000 euros.

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