Breast surgery Tunisia – Breast reduction

Breast reduction Tunisia

A cosmetic surgery operation on a breast is not only for breast augmentation, it can also be a reduction. Generally for aesthetic purposes, breast reduction is a surgical operation that allows either a reduction in the volume of the breast or a correction of the position. If you suffer from breast hypertrophy, you can have a breast reduction in Tunisia. Our specialists will accompany you for this operation and guarantee you a quality care. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our breast reduction services.


Course of a breast reduction Tunisia

By calling on our team, we take care of you quickly for quality results. An intervention of breast reduction in Tunisia takes place in three steps:

Before the intervention
We conduct an initial consultation to take into account your state of health and the scope of the operation. During this consultation, we will determine the amount of glands to be reduced and if this is more than 300 grams, treatment will be necessary. A check-up, a mammogram, and an interview with the anesthetist will also be mandatory before the operation.

During the intervention
Hospitalization will be necessary the day before or the morning of the operation. Before entering the O.R., we will take preoperative photos and mark your chest with a surgical felt-tip pen to easily perform the surgery. Depending on the extent of your breast hypertrophy, our procedure will take two to three hours.

We will start by removing a first mammary gland which will then be weighed to ensure symmetry before removing the other gland. We also proceed to the removal of the skin and the corresponding mammary gland for a complete breast reduction in Tunisia.

After the intervention
One to two weeks of convalescence will be necessary after a breast reduction. Even if the pain is minimal, analgesics will be prescribed after the operation. An anticoagulant treatment may be prescribed as a preventive measure to reduce the risk of phlebitis. Significant results may be observed two to three months after the operation. A compression bra will be prescribed and must be worn at all times during the first month.

Our assets

Our breast reduction surgery in Tunisia will be very beneficial to you as it will immediately relieve all your back pain and tension due to breast hypertrophy. Breast reduction is one of the classic procedures that we master perfectly. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the quality of our expertise. We have experienced specialists who will take care of you and perform a breast reduction surgery in Tunisia.

It should also be noted that our services are accessible and available at an affordable rate. Our prices are transparent and before the intervention, a detailed estimate is established. This will highlight the important points of the intervention and will respect your needs. By calling on our team, you will no longer have to suffer from your breast hypertrophy.

You can contact us directly or by filling out the online form. Our team is at your disposal to answer all your questions and provide you with its expertise. Do not hesitate to contact us to diminish your breasts.

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