Facial surgery Tunisia – Rhinoplasty


Having a defect in the nose is no longer a curse and this can be easily corrected with a rhinoplasty procedure. This minimally invasive technique is very effective in correcting aesthetic problems of the nose. Thus, without surgery, it is possible to improve the profile of the nose, to erase a bump or to overcome an internal defect. Rhinoplasty in Tunisia is therefore practical to reshape your nose and have a harmonious face. Whatever the shape of your nose, our team is able to take care of you and perform a quality rhinoplasty. For this purpose, do not hesitate to call upon our services.


Our rhinoplasty treatments

Depending on the shape of your nose and your needs, we are able to offer you several types of rhinoplasty in Tunisia. Indeed, we can realize the :

  • Aesthetic rhinoplasty to correct bumps or spikes from nez ;
  • Ethnic rhinoplasty which mainly interests Africans and Asians. It allows to reduce the size of the nostrils in these people in order to bring out the pointe ;
  • Functional rhinoplasty or septoplasty to correct the deviation of the nasal septum.


A safe and effective intervention

Before any intervention of cosmetic surgery of the nose Tunisia, we perform some preliminary checks such as an examination of the shape of your nose or your medical history. This allows us to determine the compatibility of the operation with your state of health.

Our rhinoplasty operation in Tunisia allows us to act on the cartilaginous and bony structures of the nose. A general anesthesia will be necessary if the operation concerns a bone of the nose, if it does not require work on the bone structures, a local anesthesia will be sufficient. We are familiar with the endonasal and external routes. An endonasal procedure does not leave scars because the incisions are made inside the nostrils. If the procedure is external and requires a reduction in the size of the nostril orifices, a small incision can be made at the base of the columella.

Once the operation is completed, we proceed with the application of greasy wicks, which will maintain the mucous membranes. We also apply micro-pores to adapt the skin to the skeleton of the nose and a plaster cast.


Why use our rhinoplasty agency at Tunisie ?

If you have a malformation in your nose, we recommend our rhinoplasty services in Tunisia. We offer you to harmonize your face with a top-of-the-range rhinoplasty procedure. Thus, if you have a hooked nose, too long or omnipresent, we are at your disposal. We have the necessary equipment and a team of professionals at your service.

In addition, our team offers attractive prices for any rhinoplasty procedure in Tunisia. Before any intervention, an estimate is made in order to take into account all your needs and to respect your budget. Thus, without compromising the quality of our services, you will find a price adapted to your needs.