Facial surgery Tunisia – Face lifting

Face lifting Tunisia

With age, facial skin ages, which can manifest itself as defects such as expression lines, sagging cheekbones, jowls, fine lines, etc. To correct these imperfections, you can resort to cosmetic surgery, including facelifting. If you are over 40 years old, you can opt for a face lift in Tunisia. Do not hesitate to visit our agency for a medical stay and a quality facelift accessible at a very competitive price.

Our different services in face lifting

To meet your expectations, we are competent to perform a :

  • Temporal lifting that allows you to treat the defects of your eyebrows such as excess skin. It also makes it possible to stretch the tail of the eyebrow or to attenuate the paw of oie ;
  • The cervico-facial lift helps to remedy the aging of the skin of the face or of the cou ;
  • The forehead lift, which is an intervention that allows the muscles of the forehead to be lifted.

The course of a face lift operation

Before the intervention

Before proceeding with any intervention, we perform a complete health check-up. This takes into account your age, your medical history, and whether or not you are a smoker. Our team will also take care to examine your face to analyze the characteristics of your skin.

During the intervention

The duration of the face lifting Tunisia can vary between 2 hours and 4 hours and requires a hospitalization of one to two days. Despite the multitude of surgical procedures, the facelift is performed with incisions around the ear. These incisions are hidden by your hair, so no scars will appear on your face.

Once the incision is made, the facial skin is removed to be put under tension, which will improve its texture. The excess skin will be used for sutures and the other will be removed. It should be noted that the surgeon does not always need to peel the skin from the face. Only the state of looseness of the patient’s face will determine the appropriate procedure.

After the intervention

After the intervention, we take care of your follow-up and accompany you with the appropriate care. Frequent lymphatic massages will be recommended on your face to reduce swelling and relieve your face. In addition to these massages, washing your face with clear water and a mild soap will also be recommended.

Our assets

If you wish to benefit from a quality face lift in Tunisia, our team of plastic surgeons is at your disposal. Our medical team is expert and competent for any surgical operation and particularly the facelift.

In addition to our advanced medical techniques, we have the right equipment to guarantee you an optimal result and ensure your comfort and safety.
Our team intervenes on estimate and proposes prices defying any competition. Whatever your needs, our price for a face lift in Tunisia will fit your budget.

Therefore, if you have the required age and if you wish to benefit from a facelift, do not hesitate to call on our service.