Breast surgery Tunisia – Breast lifting

Breast lifting Tunisia

Still called breast lift, breast lift in Tunisia is a procedure in which a surgeon corrects a defect in your breast or improves its appearance so that the patient feels better about herself. Breast lifting is generally performed in cases where your breasts have lost their shape, either because of pregnancy, age or weight loss. To benefit from a breast lift in Tunisia, we advise you our team of surgeons whose expertise and experience have been proven all over the world. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our breast lift service and our affordable prices.

Our intervention of breast lift Tunisia

Before the intervention

We make sure that the operation will be safe for you. To this end, at least two preoperative consultations will be necessary to consider your needs, examine your breasts and review your health check-up. During these consultations, the surgeon may forbid you to use several products, such as cigarettes or aspirin.

During the intervention

Here, the surgeon begins the procedure by marking your chest with a surgical felt pen. He then repositions the areola and nipple to remove excess skin and lift the mammary gland through very short incisions. Once the skin around the mammary gland is re-draped, the surgeon sutures the incisions with an absorbable thread.

This gives your breasts a new look so that they are curved and look more natural. A breast lifting in Tunisia is possible from the end of puberty, from the age of 17. Our intervention will not affect breastfeeding or pregnancy and it does not increase the risk of contracting cancer.

After the intervention

Thanks to our intervention, you will be able to immediately see the first results of the facelift. The final results will take longer and will be visible once the swelling and bruises are resolved. A breast lift in Tunisia will allow you to reshape and reshape your breasts for a very natural look and feel.

Our procedures are not very painful, but a mild analgesic treatment may be prescribed if bruising or swelling is present. A support bra will also be prescribed and must be worn permanently for one month.

Our assets

We intervene effectively on your breasts, no matter how sagging your breasts are. We guarantee you an optimal result without any marks thanks to the different suture techniques that we master. By using our services, you will have at your disposal the best specialists in breast lifting in Tunisia. Indeed, our team is composed of more than 90 experienced specialists who have already performed more than 1560 operations.

In addition, our service adapts to your needs and your budget. During the preoperative consultation, you will be able to define up to which level you wish to raise your breasts. A prior estimate is required so that you don’t have any surprises. Our rates are affordable and the prices of our different services are included in the estimate.

Do not hesitate to contact us online or by calling us directly for a high-end breast lift.

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