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Abdominoplasty Tunisia

Since the advent of belly surgery in Tunisia, sports or slimming drinks are no longer the only way to get a flat stomach. Indeed, with a poorly balanced diet and a lack of physical activity, fat disgraces will settle on your belly. Thanks to abdominoplasty in Tunisia, which is a surgical operation that consists in removing excess fat from the belly, you will be able to regain a flat and sublime belly.


The consultation

During the consultation, you will tell the surgeons what motivates you to have this surgery. They will perform a few tests to check for any abnormalities that may cause problems during the procedure.


The different techniques of abdominoplasty

Surgeons take into account some criteria for the realization of aesthetic surgery of the belly in Tunisia. It is in this sense that depending on the condition of the skin of your belly, the muscle tone they will choose the technique best suited to make your abdominoplasty. We distinguish schematically three types of techniques used for an abdominoplasty.


Isolated abdominal liposuction

In young people, when you have a toned abdominal muscle, a simple liposuction may be enough to restore your belly to its flattened and harmonious shape. The principle is simple. Surgeons introduce thin, non-sharp, round-tipped foam cannulas for the purpose of lipoaspiration. It is connected to an aspirator which is responsible for sucking up the excess fat. After surgery, surgeons generally recommend decent food hygiene, as there may be a build-up of fat again.


Mini abdominoplasty

After analysis, if you have an excess of skin located in the lower abdomen or below the navel. A mini-abdominoplasty will be performed. During liposuction, surgeons focus on areas such as the flank area, the entire abdomen and the back pads when there is excess fat to be removed. Unlike abdominoplasty, in mini abdominoplasty there is no transposition of the navel. The scar you will have after the surgery will be camouflaged by your swimsuit, because it will be shorter than that of an abdominoplasty.


The abdominoplasty with transposition of the navel

When after analysis it is revealed that you have a wall alteration accompanied by significant and diffuse skin lesions and an excess of fat, the treatment that surgeons adopt is an abdominoplasty with navel transposition or a complete abdominoplasty. During this procedure, anesthesia is general and liposuction is performed on the entire abdomen. In fact, this procedure treats any excess fat to give you a flattened abdomen at the end of the procedure.


Intervention abdominoplasty Tunisia price

After any surgical consultation, an estimate will be given to you. This estimate is made according to the work to be done and the technique that will be used. It should also be noted that the price of belly surgery varies according to Tunisian surgeons. So you could note prices varying between 2000 and 3500 euros. Generally, it is recommended to stop drinking or smoking at least one month before and after the surgery.

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