Silhouette surgery Tunisia – Buttocks Lipofilling

Buttock lipofiling Tunisia

Nowadays, having a beautiful buttocks is a must to have the perfect body. If you want to try this operation, but you are not seduced by the fact of implanting silicone in your body, buttock lipofilling in Tunisia is for you. We give you all the information you need to know about buttock lipofilling.


Why do buttock lipofilling ?

This operation to increase the volume of the buttocks in Tunisia is more recommended than the placement of implants in the buttocks. In addition to adding volume to your buttocks, this technique allows you to shape them through the modification of the contours of the buttocks. With the evolution of techniques, buttock lipofiling in Tunisia offers net results and allows a more remarkable result.

So you will have understood, the use of the Sculptra Buttocks Injection in Tunisia in addition to adding the volume of the buttocks also allows to make a change in the shape of the latter to reshape them to allow them to have a final rendering more beautiful. It is also perfect to perform a facelift whose purpose is to tighten the parts of the buttocks that have slackened.


When to do lipofiling ?

If buttock lipofiling in Tunisia is recommended for the elderly or those who have undergone a major mass change affecting the buttocks, in fact, it is not possible for everyone to embark on this operation. To follow this operation, it is therefore necessary to have a weight that falls within the prescribed standards. If your body mass index is low, it is essential that the body still has enough fat so that once it has been treated, there is enough to succeed in increasing the volume of the buttocks in Tunisia.


Buttock lipofilling in Tunisia techniques

This surgical operation is based on three essential parts namely :

  • Fat puncture via liposuction. The latter must be done in a sufficient manner to allow the buttocks to be reshaped while preventing too much fat resorption ;
  • Fat purification using innovative technical processes,
  • The reuse of the fat through the re-injection of the pre-treated material

Before the operation, it is recommended to have a consultation with the anesthetist and the surgeon, the latter will decide if a Buttock Sculptra Injection is needed in Tunisia. You will also be prescribed to stop smoking and certain medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs 10 days before going to the operating room. An estimate of buttock lipofiling will be provided before your hospitalization followed by the intervention which will last between 2:30 to 3:30 hours depending on the case.

At the end of the operation, there is no need to remove the stitches, as they are absorbable. In addition, scars are almost invisible following liposuction and are invisible at the end of the increase in the volume of the buttocks in Tunisia. Attractive results are obtained after 4 months.
It should be noted that this technique offers a maintenance of more than 80% of the introduced fat, which avoids risks of new operations.