Facial surgery Tunisia – Otoplasty


Although ear deformities do not have an impact on hearing, these small abnormalities can be the cause of serious physical and social discomfort. This is why some people resort to cosmetic ear surgery. Otoplasty is the name of this cosmetic ear surgery. It consists of correcting ear imperfections (protruding or enlarged ears). This surgical procedure is mainly performed by gluing the ears back together for a more esthetic appearance. It provides more comfort to the patient.


Otoplasty: some clarifications

Otoplasty is a surgical operation whose goal is to correct the unsightly side of the ears. It allows for a definitive reattachment of the ears that is more proportionate and above all natural. Depending on the patient and the defects, one or two ears can be corrected. It all depends on the patient and the surgeon’s opinion. Otoplasty operations in Tunisia can be performed on both children and adults.

For children, we recommend that you wait at least 8 years to be able to start an ear cosmetic surgery procedure in Tunisia. Indeed, the causes of protruding ears can be multiple and varied. An excessive size, a defect of relief, an excessive angulation or an accident that deformed the ear.


How are our interventions at otoplastie  going?

First of all, you should go through consultation sessions with our specialized surgeons to discuss the modalities of your operation here in Tunisia. During the said consultation, you will discuss the different existing fees. Once this is completed, we will schedule your surgery session while taking into account your schedule. Once the day of the operation arrives you will be prepared and brought to the operating room.

Depending on your desires and your parameters, you will have recourse to either local or general anesthesia. During the operation, your surgeon will take care of harvesting your ears according to the rules of the art. Depending on the shape of your face and the abnormality that you present, he will use either the Strenstrom technique or the Mustard and Furnas technique. In all, the duration of an otoplasty in Tunisia is 2 hours maximum.

Once the operation is completed, a bandage is administered to allow for rapid healing. Note that the incisions are of course very thin. Therefore, there is no need to worry about scars. Our surgeons are fully conversant with all incision techniques. With the agreement of your doctor, you may even go home the night of your operation. Don’t forget to wear your protective headbands during your week.

During your postoperative period, you should sleep on your back to avoid any choking. But note that the final result will be obtained after 1 to 2 months.


What is the price for our otoplasties ?

The rates of our otoplasty operations in Tunisia depend on several parameters including: the type of intervention you want ; the number of ears on which the intervention will be done ; and the type of technique that will be used. However, you can contact our customer service to get an estimate of your operation.