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Facial lipofilling or lipostructure is a cosmetic surgery procedure to correct, reshape or restore volume to an area of the face or erase the signs of aging.

How does facial lipofilling work?

This procedure consists of injecting fat belonging to the patient himself into the area of the face that needs improvement. The collected fat is treated and injected either to give volume to the cheekbones, temples, nose, facial contour, chin or to treat wrinkles such as nasal-labial folds, dark circles, the hollow of the cheeks.

The day before the intervention, a pre-anesthetic consultation lasting approximately one hour is essential. In the event of pathologies or treatments in progress, you should inform your surgeon as soon as the first contact is made.

What are the consequences of the intervention?

The procedure is painless. Post-operative edema and blue areas (bruises) on the fat donor and recipient areas may appear within 48 hours of the surgery. They will gradually disappear.

Cost of Lipofilling the face

The cost depends on the technique, duration and complexity of the intervention.  We will send you an approximate list of prices, after receiving your request for a quote.

Type of anesthesia: general
Intensity of postoperative pain: minimal
Sociability: 7 to 10 days
Durability: permanent

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