Breast surgery Tunisia – Breast augmentation by lipofilling

Breast augmentation lipofilling Tunisia

Breast augmentation can be performed with or without a breast implant. If it is done without an implant, it can be done by lipofilling. Breast augmentation by lipofilling in Tunisia is a procedure in which the patient’s adipose tissue is autografted in order to reshape or increase the breast in a moderate way. Concretely, no prosthesis is used, but the fat from the patient’s abdominal strap is used through fine cannulas. The fat is then processed in a centrifuge and then injected back into the patient’s breasts. If you want to increase the size of your breasts, but you do not want implants, contact us for breast lipofilling in Tunisia.

Course of a breast augmentation by lipofilling in Tunisia

Before the operation

Before moving to the block, two consultations should be scheduled for the necessary examinations and the area to be corrected should be determined. These consultations will also allow us to determine the breast volume desired by the patient in order to avoid disappointment. It will also be an opportunity to check the patient’s state of health and to take into account the precautions taken by the doctor (stop smoking, aspirin, anticoagulants).

The intervention itself

Breast augmentation without implants in Tunisia is carried out in several stages and begins with hospitalization which is usually ambulatory. But if the operation is important, the patient can be released the next day. After hospitalization, we have anesthesia which is general most of the time.
Our lipofilling procedure in Tunisia often begins with a liposuction of adipose tissue on specific areas. Once the liposuction is completed, we purify the fat removed with a centrifugation, which allows us to separate the graftable fat from other undesirable elements. Once the fat has been purified, we proceed to the injection for grafting.

At this level, we achieve a homogeneous implantation by regular microspans. Concretely, we use low capacity syringes to inject the purified fat, which optimizes the grafting and promotes breast augmentation by lipofilling in Tunisia.

Why use our services ?

By calling on our team, we guarantee you quality results and natural breast augmentation. If you are over 35 years old, we help you to reshape your breasts or increase their volume with a natural effect. The breast lipofilling operation in Tunisia that we master allows you to have a natural look and feel. Our specialist surgeons will also help you to reshape your breasts or to correct asymmetry.

Our procedure leaves no scars and there is no risk of rejection or prosthesis rupture, since there is none. Thus, by using our services, you will be able to reshape your breasts and refine your silhouette at a relatively cheaper price.

Our intervention of breast augmentation by lipofilling in Tunisia is carried out on estimate and depending on the complexity of the operation or its duration, a defined tariff will be adapted. You can request a quote online by filling out the form prepared for this purpose. We also guarantee you a return to normal life after a maximum of two weeks. Do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from a top-of-the-range breast lipofilling.