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Blepharoplasty is the cosmetic surgery of the eye contour area. The purpose of the procedure is to correct drooping eyelids, erase wrinkles around the eyes, remove dark circles and oily bags under the eyes and have clearer contours and a more expressive look.

How does blepharoplasty work ?

This procedure aims to remove excess eyelid, visible fat pockets under the eyes and sometimes to lift the lower eyelid.

An ophthalmological check-up is required before the operation to check the state of dry eyes, the vitality of the cornea and the visual field.

A preoperative consultation with your plastic surgeon is to be scheduled so that he can answer all your questions and specify all the pre- and post-operative procedures to be followed.

The intervention duration varies according to the condition of the eyelids to be treated and the type of corrections to be made. It lasts between 20 minutes and one hour.

What are the consequences of the operation ?

The intervention consequences are essentially marked by the appearance of swelling, bruising (blue) and tearing, the extent and duration of which vary from one patient to another.

Cost of blepharoplasty :

The cost depends on the technique, duration and complexity of the intervention.  We will send you an approximate list of prices after receiving your request for a quote.

Type of anesthesia: local or general
Intensity of postoperative pain: minimal
Post-operative treatment: local
Scar: removal of the threads on 7th day
Sociability: after 3 to 7 days
Durability: up to 10 years



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